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 "Your Division Commander tells me he has a fine division and it's ready for combat. I have asked him to write me a letter two weeks after I commit you to battle and tell me if he still has a fine division."

General George S. Patton Jr., commander of the 3rd Army Corps

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List of casualties : Company "L", 378th Infantry Regiment

  Information below came from copies of the official Morning Reports filed by Company L.  Such reports, filed by all infantry companies were written on  3 ¼” x 7 ¼” (85 mm. X 181 mm.) forms showing the date, organization, location, and number of officers and enlisted men present and assigned, listing all transfers of personnel in and out of the unit, including casualties.  Occasionally a brief comment about the unit’s activities were included. Since the report was filed in the  morning it reflected events that occurred the preceding day and night. For example a soldier wounded between 0800 on  Monday  and 0600 Tuesday would be reported on the Tuesday Morning Report. In heavy combat sometimes several days passed before all casualties were accounted for.


  Paul R.Schlitz obtained this material from the National Personnel Records Center (Military Personnel Records), 9700 Page Boulevard, St. Louis, Missouri 63132 in 1988 for the preparation of a book.  Copies were made by a poor photographic process, and by now some pages are barely readable. Non-combat injuries are not included.

My specials thanks to Paul R. Schlitz for his great help to etablish the casualty list of "L" Company, 378th Infantry, 95th Inf

Legend : WIA: Wounded In Action
KIA: Killed In Action
MIA: Missing In Action
DOW: Dead Of Wounds


  Casualty list of Company "L", 378th Infantry Regiment:
Mardigny / Sillegny

Real Date

10-23-1944 Hardel Harold L.   SGT


10-25-1944 Hood Emmett V.  PFC WIA
10-25-1944 Lazenby Alvin H.  PFC WIA

Verneville 11-05-1944 Ashley Paul H.  PVT


11-05-1944 Mullin Charles P.  PVT WIA
11-06-1944 Tanner Barney E.  PFC WIA
11-09-1944 Watson Jacob R. PFC KIA
11-10-1944 McGowan Harold L. T/SGT WIA
11-10-1944 Kienbaum Harold A. PVT WIA

Norry le Veneur 11-16-1944 Lagerenberg Henry H. 1st LT WIA
11-16-1944 Jones John P. PFC WIA
11-16-1944 Parker William D. PFC WIA
11-16-1944 Hensley Luther L. PFC WIA
11-16-1944 Teichman Irving PVT WIA

Near Metz 11-18-1944 Hoelsher Francis X. 1st LT WIA
11-18-1944 Monson Melvin R. SGT WIA
11-18-1944 Johnson Thor J. PFC WIA
St Nicholas 11-18-1944 Lee Julian J. PFC WIA
Longeville-lès-Metz 11-19-1944 Otto Kurt A. S/SGT KIA
11-19-1944 Waddle Francis F. T/5 KIA
11-19-1944 Balthus William R. PVT WIA
11-20-1944 Zenobi Ivo PFC KIA

Guerting 11-28-1944 Aimone Robert L. PVT KIA

Creuzwald 11-28-1944 Lee Julian C. PVT WIA
11-29-1944 Philipp William H. Jr PFC WIA
11-29-1944 Nolet Gordon C. S/SGT WIA

Falk (La Grande Saule) 11-29-1944 Ring Bernard W. PFC WIA
11-29-1944 Ranken Edwin A. S/SGT WIA
11-29-1944 George William M. PFC WIA
11-29-1944 O'Dell Sampson G. PFC WIA


11-29-1944 Warffemius Hans PVT WIA
11-30-1944 Shieffer Howard H. PFC KIA
11-30-1944 Strawbridge James E. PFC KIA
11-30-1944 Gunderson Gleen M. S/SGT WIA
11-30-1944 Harter Drew R. PFC WIA

1 1/2 mile North East of Berveiller 

(The Sauberg, Germany)

12-01-1944 Aigner Robert E. 2nd LT WIA
12-01-1944 Ferguson George C. T/SGT WIA
12-01-1944 Neu Victor A. SGT WIA
12-01-1944 Kunze Albert C. PFC WIA

12-01-1944 Kulow Charles L. SGT WIA
12-01-1944 Wikel Milo F. PVT WIA
12-01-1944 Hurst Lee A. PFC WIA
12-01-1944 Petroski PFC WIA
12-01-1944 Rejko Frank J. S/SGT WIA
12-01-1944 Holler Raymond L. PFC WIA
12-01-1944 Todd Max L. PFC WIA
12-01-1944 Ybanez Jesus G. Jr PFC WIA
12-01-1944 Repasi John R. PVT WIA
12-01-1944 Hogan Alfred W. PFC WIA
12-01-1944 Ponce Moises A. PFC WIA
12-01-1944 Campbell Saul PFC WIA
12-01-1944 Tobias Alfred L. PVT WIA
12-01-1944 Joiner Owen M. PVT WIA
12-01-1944 Burden Kenneth M. PVT WIA
12-01-1944 Warberg Melvin B. PFC WIA
12-01-1944 Berude Daniel J. PVT WIA

3/4 mile East of Felsberg 

(Unter Felsberg, Germany)

12-02-1944 Lopez Louis S.  PVT KIA
12-02-1944 Belsky Hyman  PVT KIA
12-02-1944 Willuweit Ferdinand J.  S/SGT KIA
12-02-1944 Kraft Stanley  PVT WIA

12-02-1944 Newman Raleigh D. Jr. S/SGT WIA
12-02-1944 Jones James S. PFC WIA
12-03-1944 John S. Paulbicki PFC KIA 11-30-1944
12-03-1944 Winchester Joseph D. SGT KIA 11-30-1944
12-03-1944 Scherr Benjamin PFC KIA 11-30-1944
12-03-1944 Scallions Marvin A.  PVT KIA 11-30-1944
12-03-1944 Laux William J.  PVT KIA 11-30-1944
12-03-1944 Gribler Walter E. SGT KIA 12-01-1944

Pikard, Germany 12-03-1944 Ulmer Amos PVT WIA
12-03-1944 Unger Glenn W. PFC WIA

Linsdorf, Germany 12-04-1944 Knapp Floyd E. PFC KIA
12-04-1944 Schlitz Paul R. PFC WIA
12-04-1944 Carnevale Joseph  PVT WIA
12-04-1944 Pherson Glenn T.  PFC WIA
12-04-1944 Sebree Herbert T. PVT WIA
12-04-1944 Bruce Peter PFC WIA

Ensdorf, Germany 12-06-1944 Seibert Robert A.  PFC WIA
12-07-1944 Ring Bernard W.  PFC WIA
12-07-1944 Durrett Cecil B. SGT WIA
12-08-1944 Hoelscher Francis X. 1st LT WIA

12-10-1944 Zimmerman Woodrow W.  SGT WIA
12-10-1944 Levey Charles H. PFC WIA
12-10-1944 Tripplett Clifford R. PFC WIA
12-12-1944 Rossmiller Hieron A. PFC WIA
12-12-1944 Poe Perry R.  PFC WIA
12-12-1944 Knorr Alfred C.  PFC WIA
12-12-1944 Espana Florentino Jr. PFC WIA
12-12-1944 Widener William H.  PFC WIA
12-14-1944 Olive Billy B. PFC WIA
12-14-1944 Peters Harry L. SGT WIA
12-16-1944 Fellenz Arnold H.  PFC WIA
12-17-1944 Higgins Edwin P. PFC WIA
12-17-1944 Wiese Harry A. T/SGT WIA
12-18-1944 Wood Joseph C. PFC KIA 12-14-1944
12-18-1944 Monson Melvin R. S/SGT KIA 12-14-1944
12-18-1944 Savage Amos W. PFC KIA 12-14-1944
12-19-1944 Montini Elvidio A. S/SGT KIA 12-11-1944
12-19-1944 Frost Warren K. PFC KIA 12-11-1944
12-20-1944 Romberger Allen D. PFC WIA
12-21-1944 Adkins Robert L. PFC WIA 12-19-1944

Hayes, France 12-23-1944 Brown Landon L. PVT MIA

since 12-11-1944

Coume, France 12-25-1944 Daniels George L. SGT KIA


Fraulautern, Germany 01-04-1945 Philbert George W. PVT WIA
01-10-1945 Scotto Anthony J.  PFC WIA
01-10-1945 Perkins Howard B. S/SGT WIA
01-10-1945 Meimaris George D. PFC WIA
01-10-1945 Hautamaki Everett A. S/SGT WIA
01-12-1945 Mullin Charles P. PVT WIA
01-14-1945 Hermes Norbert P. PFC WIA
01-14-1945 Sharky Edward J. PVT WIA
01-14-1945 Anderson Elmer D. S/SGT WIA
01-16-1945 Luhmann Richard E. SGT WIA
01-16-1945 Clark Jim D. PVT WIA

Uberhern, Germany 01-17-1945 Cooksey James L.C. SGT WIA

Rheinhausen, Germany 03-07-1945 Malone Warren J. PFC WIA

Haaren, Germany 04-04-1945 Bruno Louis N. PFC WIA
04-04-1945 Austin Joseph P. PFC WIA
04-04-1945 Maiolo Samuel PFC WIA
04-04-1945 Knecht William C. S/SGT WIA
04-04-1945 Macon Louis E. PFC WIA
04-04-1945 Royer Russell W. T/SGT WIA
04-04-1945 Coley Ernest G. PFC WIA
04-04-1945 Fontaine Arthur SGT KIA
04-04-1945 Alexander W. B.  PFC KIA
04-06-1944 Mull Jay E. PFC WIA

Rhynern, Germany 04-07-1945 Woodley John H. PFC WIA
04-07-1945 Azenara Joseph A.  PFC WIA
04-07-1945 D’Unoirio John A. PFC WIA
04-07-1945 McKinney Dennis O. PFC WIA
04-07-1945 Espana Florentino Jr. PFC WIA
04-07-1945 Millas Mike J. PFC WIA
04-07-1945 Mason Basil J.  PVT WIA
04-07-1945 Morcarski Ambrose  PFC WIA
04-07-1945 Smith George Jr PFC WIA
04-07-1945 Hillard Troy C. S/SGT WIA
04-07-1945 Gonzales Andres  PFC WIA
04-07-1945 Mayhofer Rudolph PFC WIA
04-07-1945 Lee Julian C. PFC WIA
04-07-1945 Longhin Charles P. PFC WIA
04-07-1945 Morgan Alyah W. PFC WIA
04-07-1945 Poell Aloysius T. PFC WIA
04-07-1945 Andrade Raymond A. PFC WIA
04-08-1945 Higgins Edwin P. PFC KIA
04-08-1945 La Crosse Thomas C. PFC KIA
04-08-1945 Giacomo Joseph S. SGT KIA

Gardenstadt, Germany 04-12-1945 Bradley Robert L. PFC WIA

Total Casualties : 146 of which 29 were KIA


  It is difficult to total those wounded since some were wounded three times during the combat tour. The above total 146 combat casualties, 116 wounded, 29, killed and one missing.  The latter was killed by a sniper in Endsdorf, and the body could not be recovered.  The listing does not include the few combat fatigue cases.  In the above totals I have changed the status of Sampson O’Dell from wounded to killed.  Although the Morning Report lists him as wounded, Paul R.Schlitz verified his death in another record.

  When Company L entered combat, it was at full strength consisting of six officers and one hundred-eighty-six enlisted men. 

  The attack on the Sauberg, near Unter Felsberg, Germany, on 30 November 1944 was L Company’s deadliest battle.  It began at 1430 and ended at sundown, less than two hours later.