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 "Your Division Commander tells me he has a fine division and it's ready for combat. I have asked him to write me a letter two weeks after I commit you to battle and tell me if he still has a fine division."

General George S. Patton Jr., commander of the 3rd Army Corps

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The 377th Infantry Regiment

History of the Regiment

  Constituted 5 September 1918 in the National Army as the 377th Infantry and assigned to the 95th Division. (Was to be organized in France from personnel of the 1st Pioneer Infantry but never accomplished.) Disbanded 22 December 1918. Reconstituted 24 June 1921 in the Organized Reserves and assigned to the 95th Division. Organized during November 1921 with Headquarters at Tulsa, Oklahoma.

  Ordered into active military service, less personnel, and organized 15 July 1942 at Camp Swift, Texas. Inactivated 11 October 1945 at Camp Shelby, Mississippi. Activated 16 December I946with Headquarters at New Orleans, Louisiana. (Organized Reserves redesignated Organized Reserve Corps 25 March 1948.) Relieved from the 95th Infantry Division and assigned to the 75th Infantry Division 1 March 1952. (Organized Reserve Corps redesignated Army Reserve 9 July 1952.)

  Relieved from the 75th Infantry Division and assigned to the 95th'Infantry Division 30 January 1955. Headquarters relocated to Tulsa, Oklahoma 31 July 1955. Relieved from the 95th Infantry Division 1 April 1959 and redesignated as the 377th Regiment (Basic Combat Training).


Campaign Streamers

World War II
Northern France
Central Europe 

Decorations - None


Coat of Arms

Shield: Argent, on a less vert seven gouttes d'eau, four and three, between three gouttes d'olive in chief and seven in base, four and'three.


Crest: The shield is white for infantry, while the green fess indicates the original organization of the regiment in the oil belt of Oklahoma. The gouttes resemble drops of oil and the arrangement of the drops indicate the numerical designation of the unit. The motto is Cherokee Indian for "Onward."


Motto: Ni ga da e sa sdi (Onward)


Distinctive Insignia

  The insignia is the shield and motto of the coat of arms, The sample of the insignia was approved 11 October 1927.

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