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 "We're using Metz to blood the new divisions."

General George S. Patton Jr., commander of the 3rd Army Corps

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  The stained glass of the 377th Infantry Regiment

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The stained glass of the 377th Infantry Regiment

Church of Trevieres, Normandy (France) (located at 6 miles of Omaha Beach)

  Many veterans heard about this window dedicated to them but no one saw it. We went in Normandy to take photos so that we can show it to those who had paid it 60 years ago... Why a window dedicated for the memory of the 377th Infantry Regiment?? Some explanations are mentionned below...

The church of Trévières in 1944.

The curch of Trévières today.


Above : Invasion money used for the sodlier's pay in France: this kind of money has generously been given by GI' s of the 377th Infantry Regiment for the reconstruction of the Church of Trévières.

  Testimony of Stephen J. BODNAR,  Company "I" - 377th Infantry Regiment:

  "After landing at Omaha Beach, the 377th Infantry Regiment was bivouacked near Trevieres, just few miles behind Colleville-sur-Mer.   One Sunday morning, a Catholic chaplain was having Mass in a field where we were bivouacked.  His altar was the tailgate of his jeep.  I, of course, was at that Mass.  He told us about the Church at Trevieres that was destroyed in the fighting. The chaplain asked the American soldiers to contribute money towards rebuilding the church.  We all contributed some of our invasion money.  After the war (I think), I received a small white stone made from some of the ruins of the church, which had a little piece of paper saying what it was.    A friend of mine in the Second Infantry Division (Indian Head) was engaged in that fighting. I gave him that Stone.  The members of the Catholic Parish in Trevieres placed the window to the 377th Infantry in the church in the honor and  memory of the generosity of the soldiers of the 377th Infantry.I would very much like to have the pictures of the Church and the window.  I have never seen that church but the next time I am in France I shall go to see it."


Bird's-eye view of the stained glass.Saint Michel strikes the devil down.


A bronze angel protect the window. This one is at the left of the altar, in the chancel of the church.


A detail of the top of the window. Left of the American eagle are the differents kinds of service: Chaplain, Medical Department, Infantry... Right are the different officer's grades: Major, Lieutnant-Colonel, Captain.


At the bottom is visible the following text: "To the memory of the officers and soldiers of the 377th Infantry Regiment of the 95th Infantry Division. Men of America, Friends of France ". You can notice the grades of the troop and the warrant officers.


Crest of the 377th Infantry Regiment of US 95th ID. The meaning of the figure above is the Minute Man. On all sides, there is the patch of the 95th ID like the different grades and services which constitute the division. Here, Technician 5th Grade and Technician 3rd Grade are next to the divisional badge.